Public Schools in Southwestern United States

“Public Schools in Southwestern United States Show Love for Latinos, Other Groups”

The “Love Everyone” project launched by Julie White began in a Houston, Texas public school but has taken many states in the Southwest by storm. White made a poster decorated with hearts which reads “Love Everyone: 20 reasons to love Mexicans” and posted it in her high school cafeteria.
The poster reads such things as 1) They are human beings 2) They are beautiful 3) They are a proud culture 4) They are a humble culture 5) They are hard-working 6) So many work so very hard 7) Abuelitas 8) They love familia 9) They can roll their “R’s” extremely well 10) They gave us Mexican food! 14) They have awesome hair 15) Their ancestors were the first North American people. The list also includes some Mexican-American celebrities.

“There were seven fights at my high school in one week recently after the election, which were racially motivated. The week that I put up my poster, there were none. I also hung posters in the halls stating simply, “I love you.” There are a lot of kids who felt marginalized by the presidential election that so needed this message. They need the love.” When other schools got wind of this via shared photos on social media, they created and hung similar posters in their schools. White has heard from junior high schools and high schools in several Texas towns as well as in Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, and Utah that this has been a positive activity for them.

White says that she knows that there is some stereotyping here, “But it’s all positive. All Americans should be so grateful for the beautiful diversity that different groups bring. I am deeply grateful for the Mexicans and Chicanos here in the United States and all the beauty and talent that they bring here. I want them to know it. In the face of all this hatred, they need to hear it.” White has since made posters about women, Muslims, African-Americans, Native Americans (including Mexican Americans), and veterans in her “Love Everyone” campaign. All of White’s “20 Reasons to Love…” posters begin #1 “They are human beings”. “I am actively engaged in ending racism. This idea started as a reaction to bigotry in politics and in society. This bigotry and lack of human empathy was shockingly revealed in the recent presidential election. There is a great need for this work. We must heal the divisions in our society and eradicate racism and misogyny once and for all if we are to have world peace. Love is the greatest healer.” You can purchase any of White’s posters at “Or better yet,” White says, “go make your own poster and hang it where the love needs to be.”

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