Obama Denies Pipeline

Obama Denies Pipeline, Protects Dakota Water – A National Monument

President Obama recently struck down the Dakota Access pipeline, citing the danger to the water supply for millions of people, and the treaty violation of using native land against their will for petroleum companies. “The United States government has been cheating the Indians out of land and natural resources for centuries. We must stop. We must honor the tribes and learn their ecology. Financial profits are not everything – especially not when they disrespect the basic safety, rights and freedoms of a peaceful people.”

The federal government will issue a monument at Standing Rock to honor the hundreds of indigenous tribes and thousands of protesters who gathered to protest the pipeline. Those who initiated violence against the peaceful protesters are being prosecuted. “Now is a crucial time in the history of earth to honor civil rights and economic equality as well as seek clean energy solutions. Denying this pipeline upholds the fundamental values that our great nation was founded upon,” stated President Obama.

NFL Bans

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