Female Pop Singer

“Female Pop Singer Apologizes for Image – States Girls Deserve Better”

In an emotional press conference aired to millions, platinum-selling female pop singer, Britney Beyoncé Aguilera, known as “Bee Bee”, made an apology to young girls for her sexualized image. She said “You all deserve better. Just because I have low self-esteem doesn’t mean you have to. I am sincerely sorry for my image and how it has disrespected women and young girls (and men, though many of them lack the consciousness to realize it). We are supposed to be selling music, not sex. Women and girls in 2017 deserve better. I am sincerely sorry for the role I have played in keeping women down and the times backward. Through the view of my own low self-esteem, I had no idea I was doing this. I am talented and I will do better. I mean you can do what you want, just label it.

Selling sex is sadly, just that. Selling musical entertainment should be something different. People should know what they’re getting and all sexual content should be labeled appropriately. It sickens me that I have chosen my powerful public platform to prostitute myself in a world where little girls are still sold into sexual slavery…in 2017.” BeeBee will be launching a new line of videos which will showcase her musical talents over a sexualized image of herself. It is her hope that other female pop artists like her will do the same.

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