Election Scare

“Election Scare Surfaces Deficiency in Teaching Fundamentals of Empathy, Compassion, Tolerance in U.S. Education System and Communities”

“That was a close one!” the caption reads next to a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty. In light of the recent presidential election scare, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the United States Department of Education will be conducting extensive research to determine the long-term societal effects of entrenched misogyny, racism and discrimination. This planned three-year study, led by the US Department of Education, will involve extensive polling and focus groups across America.

Research obtained will be used to fund massive educational outreach and promotion on the teaching of tolerance, inclusiveness and equality for all humans. “Everyone can benefit from these teachings, but there are certain communities in America where the need for this education is more critical.”
Stated James Tolerance, Lead Researcher of the project. According to the researchers, the goal of this project is twofold: to eradicate discrimination and bigotry in all its forms from the United States and to ensure equal access to quality education for all Americans. The group intends to accomplish these stated goals by focusing national attention, resources and political will on the re-institutionalization of those fundamental educational values that have not kept up with the progressive ideals necessary to the health and wellbeing of functioning 21st century societies. “We believe that even through the simple act of conversation, asking questions about empathy/sympathy, gender and race, we help those who may be unaware of their own intolerance – not to mention teaching . “This is how we will make America great again,” stated Secretary of Education, James B. King. Research will begin in January 2017.

NFL Bans

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