Cotton Billionaire Donates

“Cotton Billionaire Donates 300 Million Dollars to the NAACP”

Cotton heir and billionaire, Duke Inman Brown, recently gifted the NAACP $300 million dollars. Duke stated that his family fortune was won on the backs of hundreds of African-Americans whose families were never compensated, who were grossly mistreated then and after, and whose descendants now suffer in poverty on a massive scale. “There is no need for such poverty in a modern age. The sins of the past are the sins of the past, but we must acknowledge them in order to atone them.” Duke encouraged other cotton heirs to do the same, citing the shamefulness of African-American poverty in the South. “There are at least ten major American corporations I know of, worth billions of dollars, who benefitted from slavery. When you see sprawling black ghettos in the inner cities of the east coast and the rural South, it is wrong. Not enough has been done to make amends to these people. Old, ignorant hatreds shockingly live on. Let’s wake up, people. Do we not see that the present is connected to the past?”

The NAACP plans to use the money for outreach, education, scholarships and investments in community centers in southern African-American communities. “We are grateful. This will help so many young African American students, who are the descendants of slaves and who are in need.” said NAACP chairperson Roslyn Russell. Inman Brown stated that next year his gift would go the Southern Poverty Law Center.